Venice, Italy

Venice was truly amazing and so unique! We only saw the sun for 2 hours the first day and on the other days we could barely see anything because of the fog and rain. But this trip was such an experience, and if you haven't been to Venice before, you really should go there! You won't regret it!


I woke up a bit hungover from the weekends festivities but looking out the window and seeing nothing but fog cured that hungover directly. I immediately jumped in my birks (-4 C outside btw) and went out to shoot some just outside of my house and later on I had to visit the beach. I have never been to a beach that was as calm as it was this day. It was so quiet, tranquil, serene and the most unusual; windless. 


Here are some shots from the day!


So it started to snow some days ago, it was snowing A LOT. I immediately said to my mom that she had to wear my yellow jacket and go out and shoot with me. She didn't really understand why she had to wear the jacket but all I said was "aesthetics mom, aesthetics". So we went out to the forest just outside of our house in the blizzard and I managed to get some neat shots! (I know all pictures look alike but they're all very different haha) It was really hard to capture how the snow was pouring down without a flash but running around in the woods and being full of joy really made me feel like a kid again. It was a good day. 

West Coast with Jenny.

So I decided to visit the west coast with my newest friend Jenny. Definitely one of the best days in 2016. 

Really stoked to move here this year after I graduate!

Anything for the shot.

So I know these shots are all from the same moment but wow, this was such a cool shoot. All cred goes to Casper for getting soaking wet in 4 degrees weather!

Mölle day 2

Woke up quite early and made our way up to Kullaberg and hiked our way around it.

Managed to get some shots, here are some of them! 

Mölle day 1

Me and my friends took a trip to my favorite shooting place in Skåne which is Mölle. We only stayed there for 1 night because we had stuff to do at home. Had a really great time and made some new wonderful memories! 

These are shots from the first day. 


First Snow

So the first snow just hit southern Sweden and of course I went out and snapped some pictures just outside of my house. Unfortunately it's all gone today...